Wallpapers Designs for Home Decoration

Using wallpaper for decoration has been around since ancient time. It is material that looks like thin and plain wallpaper attached to wall. It might cover certain part or the entire surface. Well, wallpapers designs have many styles for different purposes. If you use wallpaper for decoration and artistic purpose, fancy pattern is commonly used. At first utilization, wallpaper is used to cover depraved part on the wall.

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Few Ideas for Wallpapers Designs

  1. Plain color

Plain color is the most common idea for wallpapers designs. It is mostly to cover the wall. You can use it to hide certain spots that do not look good. Before installing this wallpaper, make sure the color is matched and capable to blend perfectly. Two ways to do this thing are covering or painting in the same colors. You can try the second method as it’s simpler and easier.

  1. Painted wallpaper

Painted wallpaper is the most common style since long time ago. Finding one with the same color is not easy task. As alternative, you can put paper on the wall with clean slate. It is usually blank white using wallpaper paste. After the cover is dry, add the painting based on color on the wall. This simple idea extends to other applications. You may want to decorate the room and need fancy pattern. However, it is only for temporary use, and you don’t want to ruin wall surface. Therefore, you only need to add wallpaper and do painting on your own.

  1. Printed wallpaper

Technology brings new method to create and develop wallpaper. Painting method has limitation especially if you are not proficient in art. The result is not what you intend to do. To overcome this situation, printed wallpaper is the most reliable option. As one of popular wallpapers designs, it gives unlimited application.

You can use digital printing that can handle large paper size. After that, attach it on the wall directly with the paste or glue. It is as simple as you print your own art through printer. However, the process takes longer time because of the design complexity, and you spend more money for buying printer alongside paper and ink.

Well, one critical problem when adding wallpaper is that it’s not reliable for longer utilization. It is not for area or room with high moist and humidity level, such as bathroom. For outdoor living, you need more reliable material than standard paper. This is where vinyl comes as good option to put wallpapers designs. The material is strong but delicate with the same precision as the paper itself.