Show Your Character with Living Room Wallpaper

Using wallpaper is an instant and practical way to design your house so that it looks more decorative and attractive. Wallpaper is available in various colors, patterns, and designs so that you can choose the one which can express your character and passion. Wallpaper can be applied in any rooms at a house, including in a living room. Applying wallpaper in your living room will show the guests your character since this room is the first place where you greet your guests. Here are some wallpaper ideas for living room feature wall.

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Retro Comics Wallpaper

Are you a lover of the style in the 70s or also known as a retro style? Then, you can apply retro comic wallpaper in your living room. This way, you will be able to bring a unique classic atmosphere to your living room. Retro comic wallpaper has simple colors; black and white with a big size of comic figures. So, this wallpaper idea is also suitable for you who want to bring a simple yet unique style to your living room. Retro comic wallpaper will instantly make your living room looks attractive.

Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper

The next wallpaper ideas for living room feature wall is abstract watercolor wallpaper. This idea is suitable for young adults because it expresses unlimited creativity. Moreover, mixing colors is a timeless concept. This wallpaper idea will show the cheerfulness of the householders. Some people will think that it is an untidy wallpaper concept. But if you are able to choose the right abstract watercolor wallpaper, it will add aesthetic and art value to your living room.

Monochrome Minimalist Wallpaper

Monochrome minimalist style is never out of style. This style is one of the most popular styles because it can be combined with any interior designs. Monochrome minimalist wallpaper will bring simplicity to your living room. This wallpaper idea is suitable for you who do not like complicated things. Moreover, the use of monochrome minimalist wallpaper is a perfect choice for a small living room since it can make the room looks more spacious and cozier.

Modern Style Wallpaper

Modern style wallpaper can be combined with classy living room furniture. Choose a wallpaper with dark colors, such as navy blue with a golden geometrical line pattern. The touch of this golden geometrical line pattern that will bring a modern yet classy style to your living room. Are you interested to try this wallpaper idea?