Wallpaper Design for Home 2019

When choosing the best wallpaper design for home, there is a huge selection of choices available depending on their print styles, print sizes, and print pattern. Let’s explore each of these elements below.

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Print Styles

A wallpaper can have an either modern or traditional design based on its print styles. If the wallpaper shows clean stripes, straight lines, and other geometric patterns, it is mostly a modern wallpaper that will look perfect on a home that adopts modern interior design philosophy. If you have a modern home or a Scandinavian-styled home, this wallpaper design will be the best wallpaper design for home.

There is also a wallpaper style that will look perfect in a traditional home. If the wallpaper features intricate floral patterns, often with gilded color that distinguishes them from the wallpaper’s background, it is most suitable for a home with traditional design.

However, the distinctive aspect of the wallpaper is not necessarily its print style. A nature-themed wallpaper with leaves pattern may look good in a modern home if it uses monochromatic colors that maintain its simplicity. Similarly, a colorful wallpaper is also suitable for a modern home if it uses simple patterns, such as wooden tiles.

Print Sizes

A wallpaper can have either small or large print sizes. The size of the wallpaper’s print will dramatically affect the overall look and feel of the room where it is hung. Small prints, due to their subtle look, date longer than large prints and are a good choice if you want to make the wall look everlastingly beautiful. Large prints give more striking visual effect and are perfect if you want to use the wallpaper not only as wall covering but also as a wall decoration. To choose the right wallpaper design for home, you may need to determine the degree of the visual interest that you want to apply to the wall. Larger patterns always add the most interest, although it may make the room look smaller.

Print Pattern

A wallpaper may have either repeating or isolated pattern, and this pattern will determine the overall wallpaper design for home. A repeating pattern is a good choice for covering all walls in a room because it can be matched with the same wallpapers with the same patterns. A wallpaper with a big isolated pattern is good for highlighting a particular wall. A wallpaper that depicts famous paintings or oriental-themed image, for instance, is perfect for making a particular side of your living room or family room look different.