Is It Safe for You To Put A Sheet of Wallpaper Behind Stove?


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People have been wondering left and right about the safety of a sheet of wallpaper behind stove. This is not exactly something that most people know, but you can actually put wallpapers behind your stove. There are, however, things to consider before you put wallpaper behind your stove. Those things are what we are going to discuss today, and if you are interested in putting a sheet of paper behind the cooking stove, then you better watch this article to the end because it might save you a lot of things in the long run.

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First things first, wallpapers can burn

Wallpapers are papers, and papers can easily burn. If you put it somewhere near a source of heat, the wallpapers can burn. For that very reason, logic dictates that you cannot put a sheet of wallpaper behind your stove, right?

While there is no direct contact between the fire from the stove and the wallpaper itself, there is still this thing called backsplash that chefs need to worry about. Backsplash itself is an event where hot cooking oil splash to the back of the stove when you are cooking something wet in it, leaving the back of your stove with drops of cooking oil.

Seeing that the drops of cooking oil are generally hot, you do not want to combine it with a paper because it can burn the paper. Most people counter this problem by going with bricks or ceramics, but those people are old-school people. Bricks and tiles can also be very boring for most people, hence why this kind of thing we are talking about can be a very popular question among the crowds.

Why we say that you can put your wallpaper behind the stove

Because you actually can, but you really need to have a safety measure in place if you do not want to have a house made out of ashes and embers. One of the most popular safety measures (we also dare to say that this is the only measure that should be taken) is a glass pane on top of the wallpaper itself.

This is a very simple method that can protect your wallpaper from backsplash and heat from the stove. Not only this is simple, it is also very cheap to realize as you only need to buy a 0.25-inch thick of glass pane and install in on top of the wallpaper.

Installing it as easy as buying silicone glass sealant and pressing the thing on your own. No contractor needed, meaning less money and less complication. That is why we believe that this is the best way to put a sheet of wallpaper behind stove.