DIY Project to Get Wall Mural Floral

There are many ways which you can do if you want to have wall mural floral in your interior. One of those ways is doing it by yourself, or what is called as DIY project. If you are interested to have this project, here are the tools you need and the steps you need to follow.

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The Simple DIY Wall Mural Floral

To begin getting wall mural floral, you will need to prepare some tools first. They are paper, plastic cups, pencil, Behr’s Faux Glaze, artist brushes (it is suggested to prepare brushes in many different size to ease your painting), well paint (you can choose any colors you want). You can get these tools easily in the market. If you already have these tools in your hands, just start the project right away.

  1. The sketch

In the first step, you need to make a sketch of the flower layout you want in a piece of paper. You can browse the inspiration from the internet. To make it livelier, add some leaves or ornament as well. If you have done it successfully on the paper, now let’s bring it on the wall. Make a sketch first by using a pencil, so you will not mess it up.

  1. Color guide

Secondly, you can start to create a color guide on a piece of paper. It is to map out the color of the sketch which you have made. It is a good way if you are a beginner. However, if you are the professional painter or already get used to paint, you can paint the wall mural floral sketch directly on the wall, and make it as you want based on your creativity.

  1. Painting style

The painting style depends on your preferences. You can make it bold or colorful. For other option, just make it looks like watercolor. If that is what you desired, using the one part Behr’s Faux Glaze is much recommended. Just thin the paint color and you will get watercolor like result. Use the plastic cup to mix the paint and you can stir it by using the handle of your paintbrush.

If you want more complexity to the color, you can do it through some layers. Add the color or give combination carefully to make more details of the flower. The last step is letting it dry and, you will get wall mural floral made by your own hand.