Stunning Ideas of Tottenham Wallpaper for Bedrooms

Tottenham wallpaper for bedrooms, are you interested in it? Of course, if you are a big fan of this club, this idea is just really good. More than that, there are many ideas applied to the wallpaper that represent this football club from England. So, what kind of wallpaper you should choose so that your bedroom becomes so Tottenham Hotspur? Here they are.

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Football Stadium

On one side of the wall, football or soccer stadium wallpaper can be chosen. Indeed, it doesn’t directly represent the club but it just simply shows others that you are a football lover. Particularly if you want the stadium wallpaper is all about Tottenham Hotspur, you can choose or order one that has blue tribunes. Anyway, the combination of green grass field and blue shade around is just soothing and a very good color combination for your bedroom.

Blue and White Hues Around

After attaching stadium wallpaper on one side, the other sides should not have remained plain. Fortunately, the colors of the club are in navy blue and in white in some parts. Therefore, this idea is necessary to be applied in any type of bedroom whether it is narrow or large. In a case that your bedroom is small enough, the idea of Tottenham wallpaper for bedroom should be dominated by the white color. Meanwhile, the navy blue is only as of the accent. But if the bedroom is quite large, it is no matter which one to dominate.

Jerseys and Merchandise

Some types of wallpaper are also designed with certain patterns for football lovers. Jerseys and merchandise pattern is one of the ideas they produce. Of course, all you need to do is choosing one of them that represent your favorite club, Tottenham Hotspur. How is if you cannot find one? There is an alternative; just remain a side of the wall in your bedroom without wallpaper. Then, paint it with white or navy blue colors. Buy the real jerseys and other merchandises and then attach them on the wall.

Modern Designs

This type of wallpaper, seen from the colors and others, seems to be more appropriate to apply to a modern bedroom. The furniture placed inside should be in minimalist to make the atmosphere feel more elegant and cozy. It will be best if the furniture and other accessories are in the same ideas as well. Therefore, they can simply match with Tottenham wallpaper for bedroom you have applied before.