Smart Ideas for Toilet Heaven Wallpaper

Toilet heaven wallpaper is a term commonly used to mention the wallpaper that is installed in the toilet and bathroom area. Some people may relate it to the wallpaper that applies the images of toilet and bathroom necessities there. However, it is actually broader than that since all types of wallpaper, as long as they can be good for your toilet and bathroom areas, you can call them as toilet heaven. Maybe, the term is due to the toilet’s decoration that is getting more heavenly after it is attached on the wall. Anyway, what are the ideas of wallpaper to choose for your toilet and bathroom? Here they are.

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Vintage Toilet Heaven Design

Some types of wallpaper are designed with toiletries patterns. There are images of bathroom and toilet tools seen including the toilet itself, bathtub, toothpaste, soap, and others. Of course, this idea is just good for your bathroom. The vintage design can just make it look cuter and more beautiful. Well, if your bathroom is in the vintage or retro concept, this basic idea of toilet heaven wallpaper is just cool to choose.

Pastel Wallpaper Ideas

Still about the vintage bathroom design, it seems that the design is at the best when the wallpaper and decorations around are in pastel. It is so good for sure if you can find a kind of wallpaper in pastels and in toiletries pattern at once. But if you can’t, other patterns like floral, Paris vintage, and basic patterns are not something wrong.

Wallpaper in Natural Design

The bathroom is a room with much water inside and water is closely related to nature. So, if you just want your bathroom feel more refreshing and relaxing, a kind of wallpaper in natural design is a good choice. Some natural designs to choose are them with patterns like drops of water, leaves, flowers, cloud, and more. Although there are no toilet images, this idea can just make the toilet atmosphere more heavenly for sure.

Underwater Landscape on Wallpaper

Do you think that all the ideas mentioned above too common? If yes, you can try this one. The underwater landscape is just stunning for sure along with its fishes, corals, seaweed, starfishes, and others. The colors combination tends to make the toilet and bathroom atmosphere more soothing and relaxing. Match it with coastal-designed bathroom furniture anyway. You may want to be inside the bathroom longer with this toilet heaven wallpaper idea.