Rainbow Wallpaper and Painting for the Wall

In many kinds of wallpaper, rainbow wallpaper is chosen by many people. First, its look is so colorful that it could bring the room feel livelier. With many colors, any people who entered the room will be given a positive and happy feeling. Second, this pattern is also loved by children. No wonder that people who have children tend to choose rainbow as the theme. Well, getting this pattern actually can be achieved from using wallpaper or painting. If you are still doubtful to take which one, here is brief explanation regarding the details.

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Applying Rainbow Wallpaper for Interior

As we know, wallpaper is easier and simpler way to cover the wall compared to painting. If you can install it properly, it actually can last for more than a decade. The various pattern of wallpaper also range in large number of availability. Some of the most popular ones are floral, nature, and rainbow wallpaper. You can choose any motifs and colors which can suit your preference. Moreover, the wallpaper can also hide any imperfections on your wall, such as dints and bumps.

However, there is cons side that you should know. Well, wallpaper has some trouble when you are going to remove it. If your room has high moisture, it also tends to peel easily. The example of bad chosen room to use wallpaper is a kitchen as well as any room that’s close to radiators.

On the other side, by using paint, you can also get colorful rainbow pattern as you get through rainbow wallpaper. In fact, you can adjust the cost to your budget. Painting also has high durability, so you will not need to repaint it in a few years. For creative people, painting would be a fun way to decorate the room, as they can create unique combination from the colors. When there is problem, you can also fix it easily by giving some licks to the chipped area.

Unfortunately, if you do not do or choose the painting correctly, it can fade in some years. The process also needs detail preparation. If you want to have some drops on your floor or furniture, they are not so easy to remove. Those are all the details from wallpaper and painting. Choose one which can suit your need. Mind all the details as you need to handle it when you want to have rainbow wallpaper in your room.