The Effects of Certain Pictured Wallpaper to Your Room


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Nowadays, people often choose wallpaper for their wall finishing because of its practicality. In addition to that, it offers wide range of designs. Because modern printing machine is able to produce vivid images, there is a surge of pictured wallpaper options in the market. How does having certain picture on your wall influence the room’s vibe?

The Pictured Wallpaper Choice for Different Atmospheres

It is not surprising to know that many homeowners choose certain pictures to be their wallpapers without reasons other than liking them. Of course, such reason is not wrong at all. You will not install wallpaper that you dislike. However, the picture choice heavily impacts a room. The fact that wallpaper occupies substantial part of the room is also a concern.

  1. Nature wallpaper

Vegetation pictured wallpaper that depicts garden, forest, or mountainous area is great for a peaceful and serene room. It is soothing but in cool way, instead of warm. The predominantly green color has calming effect to human’s mind. In addition to that, the picture gives illusion that you are in outdoor space. This suits a room that connects the outer and inside part of the house.

You may also be interested in sea themed pictures on the wall. Blue that often dominates such pictures is going to provide calming but refreshing vibe to a room. The pictures may show only a specific spot in the sea, but there are pictures that show vast deep water. That will differentiate the feeling of your room’s size, big or small.

  1. Monochromatic themes

Another popular pictured wallpaper theme is monochromatic city look. The grey color actually incites a calm feeling in someone. However, it does not have refreshing tone. Due to the picture and its color, this wallpaper will have certain level of coolness. The wallpaper will lend industrial vibe to your room. It will fit in home office space or other working spaces in the house.

  1. Sunset wallpaper

If you have a beautiful and memorable sunset picture, nobody will blame you for printing it as wallpaper. The combination of yellow and red (with varying gradations in between) is going to enrich one’s room. It incites joyfulness and warmness to the room. You may find the breathtaking picture inspiring while looking at it. This wallpaper will suit to be added in your living or working space.

As you can see, the pictured wallpaper choice being made does not only impact the room’s presentation. The choice will have psychological and design impacts to the overall room. Match the picture with what kind of vibe you are looking for!