How to Install The Osborne and Little Enchanted Gardens Wallpaper


Osborne and Little Enchanted Gardens Wallpaper Inspirational Japanese Garden Wallpaper In Violet From the Enchanted Gardens

Before you start to install the Osborne and Little enchanted gardens wallpaper, you should prepare the wall first. Pay attention to the electricity, you are suggested to turn off the electricity and remove the panels temporary. If it is necessary, you should remove and clean the old wallpaper, so the wall will smooth enough. Here is how to install the woodlands and gardens wallpaper.

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  1. Mark a Guidelines On Your Wall. Check the width of your Osborne and Little enchanted gardens wallpaper. Measure the space on the wall near the doorway and mark it on the same measurement of wallpaper width minus 2 inches. At this spot, you can pull a line vertically to the ceiling as well as to the floor. This line will be your starting point where you should hang the wallpaper.

  2. Use the length of the wall plus 4 inches as a guide to cut a piece of the Osborne and Little enchanted gardens wallpaper. Use the wallpaper paste on the back of the wallpaper. If the wallpaper you are buying has pre-pasted technology, then you can attach it directly without applying any paste anymore.

  3. Position the wallpaper you have cut to the line you have drawn on the wall before. Start from the ceiling, leave two inches to hang over at the top just like 2 inches below the floor. With full care, you should line the wallpaper up then press it strongly to the wall.

  4. After securing the Osborne and Little enchanted gardens wallpaper onto the wall, you can start flat is using wallpaper brush. To install your wallpaper perfectly, you need to get rid of any wrinkles thoroughly. If you are unable to flatten it thoroughly, the wallpaper will look bubbly and uneven. Smoothing the wallpaper should be started from the middle spot. Proper pressure will be able to push the bubbles all the way through the edges.

  5. Continue installing the Osborne and Little enchanted gardens wallpaper around the room. Try to match the pattern properly by aligning the first piece to the next piece. It is very important for you to match the pattern between the two pieces as close as possible. When you want to line the next piece, you should start from the middle spot. This is how you can get them as closely as possible.

  6. Neat the seam of two pieces wallpaper using the seam roller. You should make sure that you have applied enough adhesive especially on the seam part. This will ensure that the wallpaper won’t be peeled off. Do not push this part too hard or you will just squeeze out the adhesive out. Continue the same procedures for the rest space.