Best Designs of Nice Orlakiely Wallpaper

Orlakiely wallpaper is a wallpaper designed by a famous designer with a simple approach with a daily decorative motif. The designer always accentuates a modern impression with a warm quality. You can select one of the best wallpaper collections bravely and beautifully for decorating your homerooms. Here is the list of the recommended wallpaper series.

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Giant Stem

The first recommended wallpaper is called Giant Stem. It is a wallpaper collection signed by Orla Kiely looking so amazing. It is inspired by the nature and iconic combination from the simple leave pattern with clean and brave colors. It is creating a perfect wallpaper for every room. It looks so classic, innovative, and retro but it is very contemporary. The wallpaper design is easily run and attached on the wall. It can be said that it is easily glued. It has some motifs in Giant Stem that can be adjusted to your homeroom design and interior decoration. Giant Stem has a simple design with contemporary detail. It is also close to the white and red colors for the background.

Multi Steam

It is sold fairly expensive more than 62.40 pound sterling per roll. It is another category of Orlakiely wallpaper. It becomes a popular one because it has a simple design and motif so that it doesn’t look too much for your homeroom. It takes a contemporary and stylish design for MultiStem wallpaper. It is created in the multi-colored and white background so that it looks harmonious. If you love more colors, it is available. You can request a design example for a color match in this wallpaper. When you want to use it, just past it to the wall. It is glued strongly. The colorway is sea green with a standard wallpaper type so that it is always matching to your homerooms.

Acorn Spot

The last design of Orlakiely wallpaper categories is Acorn Spot. It is dominant to cream, red, and turquoise. It is sold only 53.60 pound sterling per roll. It offers a geometric look and retro design so that it combines beautifully for decorating your homerooms. With a cream and turquoise combination, it looks cheerful and natural. You can select another color because it is available. It is a true color match for this wallpaper. You can take a nice option for Orlakiely wallpaper. It looks matching for bedroom and living room because it looks naturally beautiful with the red spots.