The Cool Ideas of Murals for Bedroom Walls

Do you feel like the regular paint or wallpaper does not really accommodate your ideas for bedroom design? Well, you do not need to stress out any longer. Nowadays, you can easily hire professional to paint murals for bedroom walls. The design options are virtually endless as long as you have your imagination.

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Design Options of Painted Murals for Bedroom Walls

This list compiles some cool designs of wall murals that have been tried in bedroom previously.

  1. Whimsical Cartoon Inspired

Having a cartoon mural on your bedroom is definitely not only for a child. Even adult has some old animated shows that they find interest in. This bedroom takes on mermaid tale cartoon theme. It has the hand painted mural with cartoon underwater character. The color scheme is very rich. This mural makes the entire room feels more vibrant and lively.

  1. Abstract Nature

If you want more serious murals for bedroom walls, this tree silhouette mural certainly delivers that. The background for this mural is white. Tree branches are pictured in details but only in its silhouette. It takes on black color. The flowers are also painted in similar color tone. The drawing of leaves, branches, and flowers really take most of the wall space. However, the mural is only placed on one wall.

  1. Tropical Island

Who does not want to have relaxing holiday vibe while resting in your own bedroom? You can request for tropical island mural in your bedroom. This one particular example shows tropical beach scenery. There is blue ocean water in the distance and sand. Several people can be seen enjoying their holiday on the mural.

  1. Jungle Wild Life

Wild life provides nice murals for bedroom walls ideas. In this particular idea, a jungle wild life ecosystem is depicted. You can see lions, zebras, giraffes, and even elephants drinking for the same water sources. They are standing in a natural forest. The green color scheme dominates this mural.

  1. Galaxy View

Galaxy never gets old. If you love outer space scenery you can commission painter to draw it on your wall. This particular bedroom mural introduces an outer space view to the bedroom. You can see stars from varying distance. Some stars look detailed while others look like blobs in the sky. Several planets are also visible in the mural.

As another alternative, you should try 3-D City Life murals for bedroom walls. The murals provide realistic touch to the painting. In this example, the mural depicts a staircase. The 3-D painting makes it feel like you are standing at the bottom of said staircase.