How to Choose the Best Master Bedroom Wallpaper Accent Wall


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In spite of painting, installing wallpaper can be a more practical and cheaper solution to decorate your bedroom. However, with too many choices available to opt in the market, picking up wallpaper accent for your bedroom can be very tricky. Well, take a look at the following easy tips to select the rightest master bedroom wallpaper accent wall.

#1. Consider the Style of Your Bedroom

The first tip is considering your bedroom style. This is important since the wallpapers chosen should be able to create harmony with the entire design of the bedroom. If the room style is romantic, you can try to choose the delicate florals and damasks that come with fine lines either in pastel or muted colors. However, if your bedroom has a casual style, you can choose wallpapers with faux finishes. You can pair the beadboard wallpaper with the flowing floral and organic designs to help you create a relaxed feeling.

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#2. How You Will Use Them in Your Bedroom

The next thing that you should put into your consideration is the way how you will use the wallpapers in your bedroom. You need to set up your plan first so that the wallpapers will look perfect on your room. If you want to feature one wall, you can try to install wallpapers with bold and dramatic patterns. They can help you to highlight a certain space in your bedroom. But, if you intend to cover all four walls of your bedroom, you can pick up the ones with a simple stripe and classic design to help you create a contemporary look on the room.

#3. Backing Paper Choices

Once you set up your mind in picking up the colors and patterns for your bedroom, now it comes the time for you to find out the backing types of the wallpapers. If you need to change the design of your bedroom, you can install wallpapers with a non-woven backing. They will not easily expand when they get wet.

#4. How Many Wallpapers Do You Need?

The next thing to consider when selecting a master bedroom wallpaper accent wall is determining how many of them that you need to cover your walls. To help you decide, you need to measure all the walls first. Then you need to multiply the height of each wall by the width in feet. Next, you need to add all measurement in order to get the total square footage.