Best Luxury Bedroom Wallpaper 2019

The trick to make your bedroom looks luxurious is by using luxury bedroom wallpapers. Here is the thing, if you use paint in your bedroom, you will have to add luxurious furniture so that your bedroom will look luxurious which will cost you so much. However, if you use luxurious wallpapers, you do not have to add some luxurious furniture. The wallpapers alone can already make your room looks rich and elegant. Another advantage of using wallpaper is that you can change the wallpaper anytime you want when you are bored because most of the wallpapers are easy to remove. If you happen to want to install luxurious wallpapers in your bedroom but you do not know which one is good, then keep on reading this article. We will help you by giving you a list of recommended luxurious wallpapers.

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LIKE SHOP European-Style Carved Embossed Wallpaper

The first wallpaper which you can use is the European-style wallpaper from LIKE SHOP. This wallpaper comes in 1.73 (W) x 32.8 (L) ft for each roll. The material of this wallpaper is a high-level PVC material with gold Damascus for the pattern. This wallpaper also has 3 layers which mean it is anti-noise, anti-mold, anti-static, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, and it also has moisture proof. You can also customize the length or the shape by cutting the wallpaper to fit your taste.

QIHANG Modern Luxury Abstract Curve 3D Wallpaper

The next luxury bedroom wallpaper which you can use in your bedroom is the modern luxury wallpaper from QIHANG. This wallpaper comes in 27.56″ x 330.7″ with the pattern repeat size is in 27.56″. The material of this wallpaper is an upgraded version of non-woven and flocking material. You do not need to worry because these materials are environmentally materials and they are delicate, rich, and stronger. This wallpaper is also waterproof, moisture proof, not have methanol, odorless, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, and easy to install. Do keep in mind that this wallpaper is not suitable for dirty or rough surface and it is also not pre-pasted.

JZ·HOME Crimson Red Luxury Damask Wallpaper

The last luxury bedroom wallpaper which you can use is the red luxury wallpaper from JZ·HOME. This wallpaper comes in 20.8″ (W) x 31.1 ft (H) for each roll with a Victorian design which will give your bedroom an elegant and rich look. This wallpaper also has a heavy texture with vinyl coated and it is also not self-adhesive.