Letters Walls to Help Increasing Your Children’s Reading Ability

If you want to add some personalization in your children’s bedroom, you might consider installing letters walls. They give customization and really add some personal feels inside your room. Using letters as wallpaper is also a way to let your kids learn the alphabets in their own way. Since children are all about what they see, it can be a good alternative to train your toddlers and kids to be used to seeing alphabets in their daily activities.

Letters Walls Decoration Ideas for Customizable Designs

Using letters as your wallpaper design can be quiet confusing if you don’t understand how to arrange them just right. That is why you can use some of these decoration ideas as preference to guide you through the installation and customization of those wallpapers. Now let’s jump right in.

  1. Spotted Alphabets

The first idea is to choose full coverage wallpaper with the alphabets spread on certain spots. Usually, the designs in every spot are made specifically different. What’s shown is also purposely made different, like whether it shows a single letter in one spot or several letters be put in one spot altogether. These letters walls then could be adjusted to your children’s taste.

  1. Double Surface Letters

Next is combining the wallpaper with the extra emerging stick-like letters. This letter-shaped stick can be made with various materials such as woods, buffalo papers, cartons, stereo foams, and many more. The idea is to hugely display the desired name on the wallpaper and stick the extra letter on to the name prints. This combination of letters walls will give your kids a sense of owning their own bedroom.

  1. Letters to Words Arrangement

Better way to help your kids how to read: put many conversational words on their walls. You can put as many daily positive and encouraging words on their wallpaper display. With your help, as the time goes by, your kids will eventually read what’s written on their wallpaper. That is because the letters stimulate their brain to remember what they see over and over again.

From all these ideas, you might still not consider of using the letters-designed wallpapers for your kids? Just try it for once and you can see how much your kid’s reading ability will improve. A little tip: you can try to put on their favorite heroes along with their names to interest them more. That way, your letters walls will come out very useful for you.