Cool Ideas of Harley Quinn Wallpaper for Bedroom

Harley Quinn wallpaper for bedroom, is it possible to apply this idea? Sure, it is if you want. Undeniably, this female DC character is really iconic alongside with her sweetheart, Joker. Although she is a villain, the girl has so many fans all around the world due to her unique psychopathic behaviors but sexy appearance. So, what are the ideas of Harley Quinn wallpaper the best to be applied in the bedroom? Here they are.

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Harley Quinn Pattern Wallpaper

For you who love the vintage nuance inside your bedroom, the pattern wallpaper idea is the best to choose. You should not worry since in the stores outside, you can find this idea with Harley Quinn images. There are commonly some options to choose regarding this character. Some types of wallpaper only provide Harley Quinn by herself with various clothes and appearances. Meanwhile, some others have her with Joker or with her fellow girl villains like Catwoman and Poison Ivy. It is no matter which one to choose. The matter is probably about the colors in which you should match them with the bedroom decorations and furniture, in general.

Big Harley Quinn Image Wallpaper

The second idea of Harley Quinn wallpaper for bedroom is the big image of the character. Well, it is mainly if you think that the pattern wallpaper provides very small images so that the girl cannot be really visible. There are so many options for this idea, of course. The options can be varied since Harley Quinn herself comes out with many clothing ideas. She looks cute with her clown outfit along with the black-red jumpsuit, mask, and unique hood. But if you want to have a sexier Harley Quinn, the villain with her hot pants and pigtail hairstyle is also a good choice.

Harley Quinn Landscape Wallpaper

There are many theories regarding Gotham City. One of them is that the city only exists at night while at day; it turns into Metropolis where Superman is living. Whatever it is, Gotham is indeed more identical with the night view. Maybe, it is because of Batman in it. Whatever it is, Harley Quinn seems cooler with a night landscape also. So, what do you think about her standing up surrounded by buildings with murals at night? Interestingly, you can explore your idea more regarding the character and then order it based on your wants instead of buying the ready-to-use one. Then, it can just be the best Harley Quinn wallpaper for bedroom.