Designer Wallpaper for Wall: the Chic Room with Minimum Effort


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To a certain group of people, home designing is a serious business. Every aspect in the room is scrutinized so that a catchy yet harmonious room is achieved. You might be one of people who buy designer wallpaper for wall. The exclusive wallpaper can be pretty expensive, but the payoff is worth it.

Stylistic Samples of Designer Wallpaper for Wall

Here are some stylistic samples of wallpaper made by designer that will complete your room.

  1. Kiddy Heavy Vehicle

Children, particularly little boys, love heavy vehicles such as tractor, concrete mixer, and excavator. This wallpaper incorporates those items in its design. The vehicles’ colors are made vibrant and diverse to portray the playfulness of a child. The background of this wallpaper is baby blue so it will suit any room where you are going to install it at.

  1. Map Pattern

Adventurer will appreciate this designer wallpaper for wall. It depicts a certain location map comprehensively, just like a world map. You can request for a specific place to the designer if there is any place special to you. This map portrays the map just like how you would see it in regular map. There is color difference for different topography and you can see a compass too.

  1. Antique Floral

Floral never goes out of style. This wallpaper design shows several types of growing flowers so you will feel like looking at a garden. The color scheme chosen is faded with a little bit of brown tint. It creates the illusion of aged wallpaper. The wallpaper will fit effortlessly in a retro looking room.

  1. Ethnic Southeast

This designer wallpaper for wall has an ethnic Southeast Asia nation theme. There are exotic floral patterns and walking elephants on the wallpaper. The colors chosen are also varied. You can see green, red, blue, and a little bit of yellow. The patterns are drawn on neutral background.

  1. Textured Chic Blue

Deep blue color has cooling and elegant properties that will make any room looking chic. This particular wallpaper is not excluded. It has fine vertical and horizontal fine lines that provide illusion of textures. It is suggested install adequate lighting in the room where you are going to install this wallpaper.

  1. Whimsical Random Pattern

The designer wallpaper for wall can hold hidden design. You should take a closer look at this wallpaper in order to recognize its whimsical pattern. It pattern looks like parallel blobs. The color of its background is greenish yellow. It is a neutral color that will suit just any room in the house.