Cool Wallpaper for Any Room in Your House

There are several alternatives to regular painting for the wall. Wallpaper becomes a common choice for many homeowners since it protects the wall and has variety of design options. If you can find a cool wallpaper to decorate your wall, that will be great.

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Colorful Samples of Cool Wallpaper for Any Room

The following list will show some cool looking wallpapers that will suit any room in the house.

  1. Patterned Fabric

The term wallpaper is a bit limiting, since you can actually use fabric to cover your wall. This particular sample has nice abstract pattern that screams elegance. It combines soft red and white colors. The wallpaper is matched with a soft couch with similar pattern and color to accentuate its design.

  1. Watercolor Scheme

This cool wallpaper is adding an artistic touch to your room. It is like an artwork done in white canvas. The watercolor drops are in varied colors. Its abstract patterns add different charms to the room, you may even get lost in thought when staring at it. The wallpaper can be paired with any type of furniture.

  1. Tropical Plant

Bringing a tropical vibe into the house will somehow make you relax like you are on island vacation. This palm tree patterned wallpaper is definitely bringing in that vibe. The tree drawings are placed tight against each other. There are soft green and deep green colors for the trees. It matches any room, particularly one that has wooden furniture pieces.

  1. 3-D Geometric

If you are expecting to see something a little bit quirky, this cool wallpaper with 3-D geometric pattern will match your taste. The wallpaper’s background is off white color while its cubes are in black. The cubes are stacked to give the sense of continuity. This wallpaper will give the room a futuristic tone. Black and white color scheme will match it well.

  1. Green Leaves

Introducing some nature to the inner room is a great way to make your living space feels serene and somewhat airy. The background of this wallpaper is white with the pictures of green leaves intertwine with each other. The leaves take on various shapes. There are several gradations being used in the wallpaper too. It is perfect to be paired with neutral color furniture.

Do you want to give a regal look to your living room by installing cool wallpaper? Regal golden colored wallpaper is a nice choice. It has shimmery tone to it. It also has textural illusion that prevents the wall to look one dimensional. Some deep colors like earthy brown or maroon will complement the wall’s golden hue really well.