Modern Ways to Use Floral Wallpaper in Your Home


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CatherineLansfield floral wallpaper is just one of many wallpaper brands on the market. Her collections are pretty stunning and a bit vintage without leaving the modern look for sure. In this article, we are going to show you how to put floral wallpaper in every room and how it will affect the room in your home. Check this out.

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Floral in a laundry room

Floral can be touted as one of the most beautiful creations by nature. And CatherineLansfield floral wallpaper is just inspired by that. Installing floral wallpaper in your laundry room will reflect the spirit while you are cleaning your clothes. The laundry room is typically small and you can express your taste by pouring a pop color in it. Also, a laundry room has no design accessories to compete with. So, dark yet romantic floral wallpaper would be a stunning centerpiece.

Floral in a dining room

The dining room seems to be an obvious option for the nest of floral wallpaper. You can be expressionist enough when it comes to experimenting floral wallpaper in the dining room especially to add some whimsical and modern spin in it. Yellow and pink details would be nice and fresh to spice up the room. In fact, your dining room is a perfect space to mix a fun yet bright floral accent wall without interfering with the whole space.

Bold floral in a bedroom

Floral wallpaper does not mean that you have to stick with the classic flowers alone. If you do not like something classic and vintage, you can find floral prints with bold colors that will be suitable for your kid’s bedroom. For a total decoration, you can be consistent with the color of the print. For example, if the wallpaper contains blue, red, and yellow, you can continue it with a blue bed, yellow bookcase, red nightstand, and a rug consists of those three colors.

Playing with the size

If you do not like bold and loud colors, you may try subtle colors. In order to reflect the softness side of flowers, you can play with the size of the flower instead. Some brands of wallpaper made by designers have this kind of option and you may explore that option for sure.


If you are not a type of person who loves repetitions then you may explore the options of mural floral wallpapers. It will turn a simple room or a blank hallway into a work of art area. CatherineLansfield floral wallpaper collections would show you the options you have for sure.