Bricks Wall Mural Wallpaper, the Classic to Modern and Quirky


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Many homeowners aspire to have a house with rustic presentation. Some of them achieve it by installing brick wall. In the past, you will not have plenty of choices in its style. However, nowadays you can purchase bricks wall mural wallpaper. The installation process is easy and you will be able to get your wall decorated instantly.

Bricks Wall Mural Wallpaper Designs

Thanks to the advanced printing technology in modern days, consumers are getting variety of options. Here are some designs that you might be interested in.

  1. Classic Roman Style

This bricks wall mural wallpaper resembles the wall that you will see when visiting an old Roman ruins. You can see that the brick’s base color is terracotta but there are some discolorations due to old age. It is depicted pretty well in the print. This wallpaper will suit classic and retro rooms perfectly. Pairing it with rugged centerpiece will be great.

  1. Urban Contemporary Art

Brick wall is not only about old classic look. If you want to add modernity to your room this urban contemporary art style brick wallpaper is a spot on choice. It combines a myriad of colors and gradations together into one cohesive look. The color arrangements look random but you cannot deny how vibrant the colorful printing is.

  1. Monochromatic Brick

This is another bricks wall mural that will be able to add a touch of modernization in a room. The base brick color is grey but you can find some discolorations here and there that make this wallpaper looks less one dimensional. It is inspired by modern Scandinavian house. This wallpaper will sit perfectly in a modern or futuristic room. You should match it with a piece of monochromatic furniture.

  1. National Flag Pattern

Do you know that in various big cities you can find graffiti on brick walls that depicts certain country’s national flag? This particular mural brick wallpaper follows the pattern of England’s national flag, which is known as Union Jack. Such wallpaper actually gives you a sense of being in the middle of street. It will look amazing if installed in a young person’s bedroom.

  1. Rainbow Color Scheme

If you wish to add little color to your room, this bricks wall mural wallpaper is a likely choice. It has red, yellow, green, blue and purple elements. You may thing that covering the entire room with it might be too glaring. One way to avoid that is by installing this wallpaper on one particular wall so it can be a focal point of that room.