Brick Wall Black Wallpaper and the Various Designs of It

Wallpaper may look simple compared to other decorative parts, but it has strong effects to create comfortable room. In this case, you can find many kinds of wallpaper design, and brick wall black is one of the good themes to choose. Well, its simplicity gives great effect once it is applied in your interior.

Various Options of Brick Wall Black Wallpaper

Brick shows classical options of wall. Most of old houses use brick for the main construction. Now, it is not just used for the effect of old house, but it is vintage style. Most of colors of brick are red, but there are also black bricks that can be brought into interior in a form of wallpaper. In this case, these are some good references.

  1. Plain black brick

The first option of brick wall black is the plain black brick. As its name, it has no gradation or other colors found in the wallpaper. It is totally black bricks and they have no additional effect. The size is also similar, so it looks neat and can be a good idea for the decoration. Moreover, it can be applied and combined with other kinds of material.

  1. 3D black brick

The second option has 3D effect. It is different from the previous concept. The 3D effect applied on printing technique makes the picture look so real. Some people even think the wall uses real bricks that are painted in black. The realistic effect really makes the wallpaper special. It is good way to bring the rustic look in interior.

  1. White lining black brick

The next option has the monochrome concepts of brick wall black. It is actually common black bricks, but the lines between the bricks are painted in white. The monochrome effect gives good look, and it also brings 3D effect on wallpaper. It will be good when combined with white furniture. Since it has white lining, it does not make the room look boring or monotone.

  1. Random bricks

Then, there are random bricks that mean the bricks on wall are constructed randomly. They also have different sizes and type of bricks, yet all of them are in black colors. These look so realistic and great, since they have no neat construction. It may look messy, but it still looks great for interior.

Those are some ideas of wallpaper with the picture of black bricks. There are various designs to choose. Of course, all of them work well in most of interior designs. You can have monochrome tone or other interior palettes to combine the brick wall black.